Wednesday, June 25, 2014

TM Unifi Agent, Part-Time and Full-Time!

Vision : To become Top 1 Broadband Reseller in Malaysia

In conjunction on this, we are seeking Business Partner to join us. We are currently a top 5 company in TM Unifi ranking, BUT we don't want to stop here, we want to hit top ONE, with this, we need YOU to join us together, to achieve together, and to earn money together.

We are doing recruitment for limited 20 members only valid until 30/4/2014!!!

We want to lower down the entry level into Telco industry; we commit to share our experience with our partner, so:

The benefits of joining us as a Dealer :-
* Offer you the HIGHEST commission in the market, 210%!!
* Offer you the FASTEST commission payout in the market, weekly payment!!
* No Sales target 

For Example:
VIP 5 = 149*210% = RM312.90
VIp 10 = 198*210% = RM417.90
VIP 20 = 249*210% = RM522.90

Why join into TM Unifi Business?

* Internet nowadays become a MUST for public, speed and stable of Internet has become very important to nowadays youngster, huge market
* TM MONOPOLY fiber optic industry, no competitor
* Low risk, Good margin

Why choose us to become Partner?
* We have experience on manage team, 
* We continuously hit into TOP 5 among over 100 reseller out there, 
* We believe, if you follow a success team and duplicate the formula, you can SUCCESS
LET’S grab this opportunity, sell / rent your property, offer Streamyx or Unifi Services too!

How to JOIN us?! Contact us now
Tel: 019-2595019