Wednesday, December 31, 2014

8 Keping Foto Paling Mahal Dalam Sejarah Dunia

Kita mula dari nombor 8 hingga yg paling mahal yer..

8 Most Expensive Photographs Ever.

8. Tobolsk Kremlin – $1.7 million - What gives this one so much value is the mere fact that it was taken by current Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev.

7. Billy the Kid – $2.3 million -*The value of this one is boosted by the fact that it’s the only verified photo of the legendary outlaw known to exist.

6. Untitled 153 – $2.7 million -*Taken by*German photographer Andreas Gursky in 1985, this one is made to get you thinking.

5. The Pond – $2.9 million -*Taken way back in 1904 by*Edward Steichen, “The Pond” still looks as stunning as ever.

4. Dead Troops Talk – $3.7 million -*This one is stage, and depicts an ambush of a Russian patrol by Afghanistan troops back in 1988.

3. 99 Cent II Diptychon – $3.8 million -*Everything in this one is $0.99, but the photo itself is worth a tad more.

2. Untitled 96 – $3.9 million - This one was taken in 1981 by*Cindy Sherman and for a while it was the most expensive photo in the world. But then our No. 1 photograph jumped in…

1. Rhein II – $4.3 million -*What made this one controversial is the fact that photographer*Andreas Gursky removed people from it digitally. Nevertheless, a $4.3 million price tag remains.